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Since I started blogging I've been getting invitation to events, places and have lately been turning them down since I've really been busy or it just coincides with dates which I have set plans beforehand. I really feel bad turning invites down since am quite flattered they even invited me in the first place =).

Recently I got invited by Ms Pache Paredes to their event entitled SIGLO. I'm all for supporting young talent most specially CSB students since am quite close to some of them through my work mentorship program. See more details below...

-the weekend artist-

1 night
100 years
in 100 minutes

Sinag Productions, the AB Arts Management Program and the Performing Arts major in Dance program of De La Salle-College of St. Benilde School of Design and Arts will premiere a dance production entitled “Siglo” on November 29, 2011 at the 5th floor theater of De La Salle-College of St. Benilde School of Design and Arts, 950 Ocampo Street, Malate, Manila.
Siglo”, or “One Hundred Years”, narrates and highlights a century’s worth of struggles and triumphs of the La Sallian presence in the Philippines. Directed and choreographed by the graduating students of the Dance program, selected dancers from CCP’s Ballet Philippines will participate and perform in the said show. The show not only aims to display the artistic interpretation of our institution’s history, but it also allows us to celebrate and have our fellow students witness and appreciate the beauty of our Alma Mater
This production is a joint collaboration with School of Design and Arts’ Music Production, Production Design, and Technical Theater programs. Show times are at 10:00 am, 3:00pm, and 7:00pm.
For ticketing and other related inquiries, please contact Marketing Production Manager, Merril Cledera at 09175290256 or our Head Production Manager, Patricia Paredes at 09175981104 or e-mail us atsinagproductions@gmail.com for more details as well as ticket reservations.

Tickets are also available upon entrance.


the weekend artist inspiration #6: creative materials

Here are my current obsessions! My newest books and gadgets.
I bought this book entitled 'Make Your Creative Dreams Real' by Sark.
Actually it's the subtitle that caught my attention...'A Plan for Procrastinators, Perfectionists, Busy People, and people who would really rather Sleep All Day'.
That's me! Basically(from what I have read so far) it helps you select a creative dream/s that you want to make a reality. It's more of a moral booster with step-by-step or weekly tasks suggested to help you be on your path there. I bought it specifically on a not so inspiring day =(.

My 2nd book is '200 Projects to Get You into Fashion Design'(though I am already working in it!). I bought it because the exercises looked fun in a non-like-my-job way(don't get me wrong i love my job). it's just that the exercises are not related to my job so it makes it fun for me. Plus the exercises I do here I can share here since it's not confidential =).

My fave of all is my new cam which was given to me as a gift(thanks pao!). Finally I have an option to my point-shoot camera(which I still love since I can carry it everyday).
These are my current obsessions! Plus am reading 'A Game of Thrones' since I saw the HBO series I'm hooked!

-the weekend artist-


the weekend artist inspiration #5: my blogging hiatus

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I've been on a blogging hiatus for almost a month! So my day job kept me away for the whole time. I was busy with Fashion Week since we mount a big show almost every year. From selecting models, selecting clothes, meetings w directors, stylists, etc. To mentoring and assigning tasks to designers and assistants. And aside from that I needed to go to Hongkong to source for the next season and meet up with suppliers. We also had to visit China for a short buying trip(the picture from my hotel bedroom is the one above) and cross back to HK on the way back.

I had to go home by myself so I can make it on-time for a mtg the next day. My flight was postponed TWICE! So I had to stay in the airport for more than 6 hours doing nothing!

I ended up buying another journal and a photography book to pass the time!
Oh did I mention that I finally got a DSLR camera!

So that's what kept me away from blogging. Clearly my work demands so much time from me but I just can't say I don't love what I'm doing even the stressful part I have come to love!
It is one of my greatest inspiration and source of happiness as well... to do what i'm doing and to sharing what I know to others.

-the weekend artist-
Am back!


the weekend artist series #3-01 Fashion Design : Chiffon Dress


I love weddings and have been planning some for close friends and families 
together with my friends for a few years now. 
I do cry almost always and actually tonight am attending one again. 
Every year I search and buy how many dresses for these occassions 
and being a designer am quite frustrated. 
So I have decided I will be designing my dresses once again 
since I have been complacent for the past few years 
on making designs for myself but focusing on work requirements 
and requests from family and friends.

I made this design for an afternoon or garden wedding. 
I made the lining shorter and the fabric will be chiffon.
I haven't sourced it yet but I generally want it 
with patterns of birds or flora but generally monochromatic with hints of color. 
I want it to look fresh and breezy. I actually don't know what weddings or occassions 
I'll be attending soon but am sure I'll find an occassion for this.
I used colored pencils and pens for the outlines. 

p.s. This is my first sketch on my fashion sketchbook from my previous posts.


the weekend artist inspiration #4 Planner Collection

My love for paper extends to planners, diarys and what-nots! 
This vintage one with craft paper is from my sister whose friend found it in a thrift shop abroad.
I actually haven't written anything yet in it because of it's sentimental value.
Plus am saving it for a special scrapbook of sorts in the future.

These two I bought at a christmas bazaar a few years back 
when I was still in love with colorful stuffs(I actually still am but keep it now at a minimum).
These both are korean journals.

This one was from one of my designers from work he got it on his trip to korea.
I actually did the DIY thingy I explained on a previous post where 
I used glue and varnish to add a protective coating to the cover since it's white.

Well, that's it all my unused planners as of the moment. 
I do also collect Starbucks diary which I use for work 
and have a Moleskine which I currently use now for everyday.
I also keep one as a diary scrapbook which I think is too personal to share here.
Though not really related to art(unlike my scrapbooks and sketchbook posts). 

These planners do serve it's purpose in my life. 
A balancing act between my designing day job, my weekend artist blog, 
my social calendar and my errands.
My calendar is going to be full soon so I hope I do get posts in soon! 
Fashion week is here so I'm gonna be busy. 
Plus it's my birthday tomorrow! 
I've got tons up my sleeves...plans for a big trip next year, an out-of-the-country work trip, 
and school related stuff! am so excited!

gotta go!
-the weekend artist-


the weekend artist big idea #3: sketchbook and planner DIY

I realized that my grubby hands(when working) 
has been doing damage on my sketchbook and planner(particularly my 'it will be' pair)
and noticed that my newest sketchbook acquisition is of the same cover material.
So I decided to do a little 'protective DIY' on my sketchbooks.

How to add a protective layer to your papercovered notebooks:

1. apply a thin layer of glue on the covers(the thicker the shinier it will get).
I used the clear glue but Elmer's glue(white) will also do.

2. let it air dry 

3. you can opt to apply a thin layer of clear varnish on top to make it last longer.
I used to like using the colored varnish which makes it look a bit vintage
but i didn't use any varnish this time because I wanted it to stay matte finish

-the weekend artist-


the weekend artist inspiration #3 Sketchbooks Collection

As I have shared in my previous blogpost Im in love with sketchbooks
and planners so I'm sharing here some of my faves from my collection.
This is my 'it will be' sketchbook it also comes with a planner of the same size.
I use it for my art projects and mini-doodles and sketches.
It's been with me for 3 years already but only started using it this year.
I bought it at LCX harbour city in HK.

I use this Berkeley sketchpad for sketches I transfer on another paper/canvass etc.
I've had it for almost a year already.

This sketchbook is still blank and it's been with me for a year already.
I bought it as a replacement for a sketchbook which my nephew
ended up bringing with him to the US.
I made a couple of sketches on it for him so he asked me for it.
The replacement sketchbook I bought is wuite big in size
I'm keeping it for preliminary sketches for bigger canvass artworks.
I bought it at NBS I can't remember the price.

 This is my Montval sketchpad which I use for my watercolor creations.
I've featured this before here in my first few posts.

Last but not the least is my 'Sketchbook Project' sketchpad 
which you can see in previous posts.

I think it's important that you like the materials you work with.
Whether recycled or new. It keeps me excited and makes me not waste the paper
I'm working on thinking it's just one page of the whole pad.
I'll post my planners next time!

-the weekend artist-


the weekend artist inspiration #2 Sketchbooks: The Fashion Sketchpad

Im in love with paper! I may say I'm addicted to it
and I have mentioned this over and over again here.
My love is visible in my collection of sketchbooks and diaries/planners.
When I am working on a new project I'm always excited to start on a new notebook.
I specially love the feel of the paper and the crispness of it. 
I go through a lot of sketchbooks and planners in a year. 
It feels nostalgic when I browse through old pages. 
So you could imagine my excitement when over the weekend I found this 
'Fashion Sketchpad' for half the price($18.95 US) and 
double the size of  'Fashionary'(which is still on my wishlist).
I found it on display at NBS Rockwell. 

 Like 'Fashionary' it has an illustrated garment encyclopedia.
A recommended reading section is also included. 

 It's not that clear here but all pages contains different figure templates 
which make it easier for me to sketch.
Plus the templates disappear when scanned or photocopied! 
Am so excited to use this on another future project 
so help me cross my fingers that it will push through! 
That's it for now! 

-the weekend artist- 


the weekend artist crafty case #01 A Recipe Scrapbook Progression 3

Here's another progress post on the Recipe Scrapbook. 
I added simple scrap-art. 
Images from a paperbag and from crafty-cuts of Papemelroti.

I had a hard time with this page because I didn't know what to do with it.
I placed a leaf to add texture but that's it adding hand-drawings or scrap-art didn't work.

So am putting this aside for now to work on something else. 
Hopefully I'll get it finished in time though. If not I hope it will find it's way to her soon!

-The Weekend Artist-


the weekend artist crafty case #01 A Recipe Scrapbook Progression 2

Here's the progress on the Recipe Scrapbook am doing for a dear friend.
I added hand-drawn flora shapes on the cover.
 You can a sneak peak of the photo inserted inside.

A page dedicated to a wonderful time in her life. 
I hand drew the cursive strokes on the sides, 
did a couple of stamping around as well as a hand written note. 
Also peaking inside the envelope is a special picture.

A celebrations page! I added cards dangling 
and handdrawn some designs on the background.

A fave pic of mine because of the vibrant colors.
 I added metallic details and hand drawn shapes(not really visible in the photos).

A page which I still intend to re-do am not very happy with this in particular.

My fave page so far because of the vintage feels it ended up with. 
I added a couple of cards to the recipe pull-out to add texture.
The paper flowers I think was a cute touch.

Have a great Weekend!
-The Weekend Artist-


the weekend artist fave art materials

1. Scout Books

I love paper and notebooks am always on the lookout for new stuff when I go out.
 I got my first Scout Book(sketchbook) through the 'Sketchbook Project'. 
It's been with me for sometime now(though I still haven't uploaded progress 
on my book yet...soon!) I didn't notice the branding until the other week. 
I actually was salivating on a set a few months back and was deciding 
if I would buy a set or not. It's a practical size and easy to carry 
plus the paper feels good. They have tons of options for covers.
Though this comes on 2nd to my top fave brand Moleskine!

2. Le Franc and Bourgeois Watercolor Varnish

I was actually on the look-out for a protective mask or spray for my watercolor artworks when I found the Le Franc and Bourgeois Watercolor Varnish. I used it as a finishing touch for my paintings.
It provides a protective layer. I only spread it thinly so that it won't get shiny.

So there so far are my current fave new art material finds. Am always on the scout for more and will post them soon!


the weekend artist crafty case #01 A Recipe Scrapbook

I have a friend who is so dear to me and who is about to go on a life-changing trip of her life!
I made a promise to her before that I will visit her soon. We were planning my trip before she leaves in September. And to my great dismay I will not be able to visit here due to my hectic sched at work. I have an upcoming business trip outside the country, a show to organize and a shoot all in 3 weeks span of time. So I need to make it up to her with a SUPER! going-away present. I decided to make her a 'Recipe Scrapbook'.
Did I mention that she is a great chef and an artist? So this is what my scrapbook will be about a compilation of her 2011 recipe photos and recipes. I'll add more pages for her to fill-up in for the months ahead. 

I'm almost 1/2 done with the number of pages but halfway done on all the pages since I need to put-in all the DIY elements. For the Cover I placed her logo plus added a pull-out picture(see the ribbon) with her picture on it.
For this page I inserted an index card on top which pulls-out to show the recipe. Needs more work with titles and additional detailing on the page. I love the vibrant photo on the background.
On this page I added a twine inserted to the paper and used the photo of the recipe as a pocket for the recipe card itself. I added a cute mini clothespin to pull-out the recipe.
I added the index card for the recipe like a keychain on the page itself and inserted it to the envelope. Did I mention that am using envelopes as the pages so all pages can actually hold more surprise items inside.
I added bugs and floral scraparts which are all from my scrapbooking goodie box...some are so old I forgot I even have them.
This is the last page I was able to take a picture of before my camera battery died down. I forgot my charger in my office table so I wasn't able to take photos of 2 more pages I started on. I used the photo as the pocket to pull-out the recipe from. I added a leaf on this page to match the recipe photo but I wasn't able to take anymore photos.

Well, so far that's what I have on my table this week. I'll be very busy but need to get this done and sent asap before she leaves so that she can carry this with her and fill it up on her trip.
I'll update the rest of the pages soon and won't upload the altogether finished outcome until it reaches her.

Enjoy the rest of the week!
-the weekend artist-


The Winner of my Book Blog Giveaway!

I can't believe its already July 31 and am about to announce the winner of my Blog Giveaway!
Above is the picture of the book along with some of the scrapbook materials am putting in with the book for the lucky winner!

The winner via random.org is comment number 14
(*in case I draw my own comment I have to re-generate a new number)

Congratulations to Peggy of Peggy ApplSEEDS!
I'll be coresponding with you via email to get your courier details!

Thanks again to everybody who joined!
You all can't believe how much I enjoy doing this and will be posting more in the future!  
Have a great weekend!

-the weekend artist- 


the weekend artist big idea #2: Blog Banner Stories

This is the first blog banner I used. It's a photo I took during our last trip to Boracay.
I used it for the banner because at that time I was excited with my upcoming trip(I just finished booking our tickets that time) plus I wanted to show where I am from(from the islands of the Philippines).

I incorporated a logo which I am using consistently for all my blog banners.
It might get confusing because of my need for constant change but it feels right. I like that it also tells a story. Im thinking Google banner that you know it is the still same google logo but designed differently.
I love that my banners shows where I am now, how 'Im feeling or just simply because I like it that's why I used it=).
I used PS for almost everything and effects I've found here and there.

Here's the 2nd banner I made. It was in anticipation of the Mad Tea Party which I joined and did wonders for my blog. I love this banner so much because I love the book and the movie! It felt right at the time to join the blog party but I admit I was stressed a bit when the it was crunch time since I was so new into blogging. But it was definitely worth the effort.
Check out my Mad Tea Party post here:

I used bricks texture to match the somewhat organic-morbid-fantasy feeling I got from watching the latest Alice in wonderland movie.

And here's my latest one which I finally am using. I decided to add another layer via PS to make it more dreamy. I guess Im at a stage in my life or moment when I feel like taking a seat and looking back at where I have been and looking forward to what I want to do in the future. Plus my bucketlist keeps on popping up in my head!

Again I used my TWA logo to maintain consistency since am a newbie blogger and have changed my blog banner so many times(sorry can't help it!).


Can you belive it's the 3rd week of july! The end of my Blog Giveaway is near! Hope you will all still join!

-The Weekend Artist-


The Sketchbook Project

  I got a surprise in the mail! My sketchbook for The Sketchbook Project finally arrived!!
I was actually afraid it got lost in the mail so I posted on their online helpdesk but here it is finally!
I was a bit disappointed in the size but oh well it's easier to carry that way!
The package contains the official sketchbook, rules and tips, and the important dates(when to send in your sketchbook...etc)

So what is the sketchbook project? You actually register and buy the book to participate for a minimal fee of $25.00. You get to select from the drop down menu a topic/theme for your own sketcbook.
You basically have free rein for what you will draw on your book.
There is a deadline for returning your sketchbook.
Then it gets to travel together with all the others to different cities(a total of 14) in the US and Canada.
So yipee for me since I have tons of relatives abroad who I think would love to see it(or I could coerce to see it!). 
People can check it out on tour and you get alerts everytime it's checked out. 
You have an option to have it digitized for $20.00. 

Here you sill see by the barcode what theme I selected for my sketchbook.
I'll be posting from now on progress on my sketchbook under the catgeory sketchbook project.

Btw, my Blog Giveaway is still on-going til the end of the month!
click the link here to get there: TWA BLOG GIVEAWAY

paalam hanggang sa muli!
-the weekend artist- 


A Blog Giveaway(CLOSED)

Finally it's here as promised I am doing a blog giveaway and am giving out a book! It is entitled 
The book is all about ALICE who turned out to be a 'real' PRINCESS ALYSS!
It's a "scrapbook" of collected letters, journal writings, doodles, and art of the lost princess.
Quite a fun read with all the letters, pop-up maps and even a deck of cards. 

Its actually a thank you to all the people who joined, visited and who are following my blog specially through the Mad Tea Party Blog hop! and I thank Vanessa of http://afancifultwist.typepad.com for hosting the party! 
It actually made me obsessed with cupcakes and Alice in Wonderland books for quite sometime!

Plus today is my MOMS birthday! 
Happy birthday mom!!

 So here's how to win! Joining the giveaway starts today til the end of July 31,2011.
I will be drawing the winner(via http://www.random.org/) that day at 12:01 pm Manila time.

All you need to do is either one of the following or all if you love me =)
1. Follow my blog via Networked Blogs or Google Connect(it's on my wall)
2. Like my page on facebook and follow me on twitter(if you don't have a blog)
3. Post my button on your wall linking it to the blog give-away(the button will be on my wall)

Don't forget to post a comment here stating which one of the above you did. 
for Facebook and twitter followers please leave your profile name as well.

That's it! So easy and I'll be throwing in surprise materials for scrapbooking =) 
Thanks Everybody!

Bye for now!
-the weekend artist- 

Congratulations to Peggy of Peggy ApplSEEDS!

I'll be coresponding with you via email to get your courier details!

Thanks again to everybody who joined!
You all can't believe how much I enjoy doing this and will be posting more in the future!
Have a great weekend!

-the weekend artist-


The Weekend Artist Series #2-01 Web of Dreams

I've been wanting to do a digital artwork to replace my profile pic as well as do another version for my blog banner. I did this freehand straight from PS. This is a result of some layer erasing, paint effects and a bit of color tweaking. I still have to practice a lot with doing freehand digital painting.

I call this Web of Dreams because I wanted to show her(the subject is me) in a sort of dreamy state with all her dreams entangled in her hair. But again it didn't turn out the way I wanted it. Well, life's like that and sometimes you do have to cope because things don't turn out the way you planned it. I used the colors that fit my mood currently and maybe psychologically as well... coz I wanted to wear my rose-colored top out today(which I did for a night out!)

Started with a rough sketch via PS.

Colored it in.

I added layers to give it a 3d effect. 

I love changing my blog banner to fit what I feel I the moment or show what current state I am or what I am doing. So this will go up on the banner sometime soon.

On a different note, I want to thank all those who stopped by for my previous post and left their comments. 
I really feel overwhelmed with all the visits. I still have an overdue Blog Giveaway coming up related to my previous post. I just might post it in a day or 2. The winners I will announce next weekend to match my moms birthday celebration.

Again thanks to everybody from the Mad Tea Party and specially to Ms. Vanessa of  
http://afancifultwist.typepad.com/ it did wonders for me...thank you for welcoming us to your enchanting world!

have a happy weekend! 
-the weekend artist-