the weekend artist crafty case #01 A Recipe Scrapbook Progression 2

Here's the progress on the Recipe Scrapbook am doing for a dear friend.
I added hand-drawn flora shapes on the cover.
 You can a sneak peak of the photo inserted inside.

A page dedicated to a wonderful time in her life. 
I hand drew the cursive strokes on the sides, 
did a couple of stamping around as well as a hand written note. 
Also peaking inside the envelope is a special picture.

A celebrations page! I added cards dangling 
and handdrawn some designs on the background.

A fave pic of mine because of the vibrant colors.
 I added metallic details and hand drawn shapes(not really visible in the photos).

A page which I still intend to re-do am not very happy with this in particular.

My fave page so far because of the vintage feels it ended up with. 
I added a couple of cards to the recipe pull-out to add texture.
The paper flowers I think was a cute touch.

Have a great Weekend!
-The Weekend Artist-