the weekend artist big idea #2: Blog Banner Stories

This is the first blog banner I used. It's a photo I took during our last trip to Boracay.
I used it for the banner because at that time I was excited with my upcoming trip(I just finished booking our tickets that time) plus I wanted to show where I am from(from the islands of the Philippines).

I incorporated a logo which I am using consistently for all my blog banners.
It might get confusing because of my need for constant change but it feels right. I like that it also tells a story. Im thinking Google banner that you know it is the still same google logo but designed differently.
I love that my banners shows where I am now, how 'Im feeling or just simply because I like it that's why I used it=).
I used PS for almost everything and effects I've found here and there.

Here's the 2nd banner I made. It was in anticipation of the Mad Tea Party which I joined and did wonders for my blog. I love this banner so much because I love the book and the movie! It felt right at the time to join the blog party but I admit I was stressed a bit when the it was crunch time since I was so new into blogging. But it was definitely worth the effort.
Check out my Mad Tea Party post here:

I used bricks texture to match the somewhat organic-morbid-fantasy feeling I got from watching the latest Alice in wonderland movie.

And here's my latest one which I finally am using. I decided to add another layer via PS to make it more dreamy. I guess Im at a stage in my life or moment when I feel like taking a seat and looking back at where I have been and looking forward to what I want to do in the future. Plus my bucketlist keeps on popping up in my head!

Again I used my TWA logo to maintain consistency since am a newbie blogger and have changed my blog banner so many times(sorry can't help it!).


Can you belive it's the 3rd week of july! The end of my Blog Giveaway is near! Hope you will all still join!

-The Weekend Artist-