the weekend artist inspiration #4 Planner Collection

My love for paper extends to planners, diarys and what-nots! 
This vintage one with craft paper is from my sister whose friend found it in a thrift shop abroad.
I actually haven't written anything yet in it because of it's sentimental value.
Plus am saving it for a special scrapbook of sorts in the future.

These two I bought at a christmas bazaar a few years back 
when I was still in love with colorful stuffs(I actually still am but keep it now at a minimum).
These both are korean journals.

This one was from one of my designers from work he got it on his trip to korea.
I actually did the DIY thingy I explained on a previous post where 
I used glue and varnish to add a protective coating to the cover since it's white.

Well, that's it all my unused planners as of the moment. 
I do also collect Starbucks diary which I use for work 
and have a Moleskine which I currently use now for everyday.
I also keep one as a diary scrapbook which I think is too personal to share here.
Though not really related to art(unlike my scrapbooks and sketchbook posts). 

These planners do serve it's purpose in my life. 
A balancing act between my designing day job, my weekend artist blog, 
my social calendar and my errands.
My calendar is going to be full soon so I hope I do get posts in soon! 
Fashion week is here so I'm gonna be busy. 
Plus it's my birthday tomorrow! 
I've got tons up my sleeves...plans for a big trip next year, an out-of-the-country work trip, 
and school related stuff! am so excited!

gotta go!
-the weekend artist-


Hands to Work, Hearts to God said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I love journals too! And have been making some. Where are you going next year? I'm excited for you. :^)

The Weekend Artist said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

@ Hands to work, hearts to God
Im planning on visiting my sisters in the US and visit NY and if possible a side-trip to Canada/Hawaii. I do hope it pushes through=).