the weekend artist series #3-01 Fashion Design : Chiffon Dress


I love weddings and have been planning some for close friends and families 
together with my friends for a few years now. 
I do cry almost always and actually tonight am attending one again. 
Every year I search and buy how many dresses for these occassions 
and being a designer am quite frustrated. 
So I have decided I will be designing my dresses once again 
since I have been complacent for the past few years 
on making designs for myself but focusing on work requirements 
and requests from family and friends.

I made this design for an afternoon or garden wedding. 
I made the lining shorter and the fabric will be chiffon.
I haven't sourced it yet but I generally want it 
with patterns of birds or flora but generally monochromatic with hints of color. 
I want it to look fresh and breezy. I actually don't know what weddings or occassions 
I'll be attending soon but am sure I'll find an occassion for this.
I used colored pencils and pens for the outlines. 

p.s. This is my first sketch on my fashion sketchbook from my previous posts.