Mad Tea Party 2012

Some wonderful inspiration... what if there really is a door that leads me to Wonderland! 
A set of keys that opens the door to so many possibilities.

So with a stroke of a brush and some sweet paint I conjured up my own Mad Tea Party!
Swirls of pastel delicacies to share with each and everyone of you!
Im sharing with all of you my very own watercolor painting of a cupcake filled party!
(I have been dreaming of one for a long time!)

Have some of my mom's pita recipe as well with your cup of coffee or tea!
(check here for how I made this recipe art: 

My last year's party guest arrived late just in time to finish off the cupcakes!

Head on over to A Fanciful Twist for more sweet stuff!
(The first 2 pics on this post are random pics from the internet)

Thanks for stopping by and hope I have satisfied your sweet tooth!

-the weekend artist-


the weekend artist inspiration #12: The Happiness Project

How has your week been so far? Mine has started out stressful at work and with me ending up all day at home the day after sleeping from fever-like symptoms. So here I am still wide awake since I slept almost the whole day in. 
Im currently reading 'The Happiness Project' in my quest to find true happiness though I think I am a fairly happy person I just need to find answers to my life questionsI don't make sense right?!!). One of my life questions is how far do I want to pursue art in my career? Whether I put in more hours to learning? Learning what?
I'm planning to start on my 'Happiness Project' in august so I bought this Little Prince organizer specifically to keep track on my progress.
I started doodling on it already along with some quotes from the book that I don't want to forget. Again another notebook/organizer to add to my growing collection.

Before I end this post I just wanna share to all that Graphika Manila 2012 is here again on August 11, 2012 at the SMX. I am a big fan of digital art since I started my career out in that field. I'm planning to go if my schedule will accommodate it. 

For more info on Graphika Manila 2012 just visit their link here http://www.graphikamanila.com/

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the weekend artist big idea #4 Mad Tea Party 2012

I can't believe it's that time of the year again and I just found out today! 
Vanessa of http://afancifultwist.typepad.com is hosting the Mad Tea Party 2012 now on it's 5th year. 
It will be my 2nd year to join and I do hope I can outdo my last years party! 
Any suggestions? Hope you can share with me. 
Hop on over on July 28 and see what all this wonderful fuss is all about!

P.S. here's the link to my last years Mad Tea Party! 

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the weekend artist series: Paper Art #1: Wedding Invitations Designs

Who doesn't love weddings? I so love them I organize them as a sideline. 
What's funny is I still always get teary-eyed whenever the Dad walks her daughter 
down the aisle, whenever the couple say their vows, 
as well as during the couples first dance!
 So that is what I have been busy with during my time away from my blog 
for almost 2 months now apart from my job.

Actually I was at a family gathering recently when one of my aunts 
asked me about my blog and why I haven't been updating.
I told her that I haven't been working on it because 
I have been too busy with my day job 
and coordinating weddings during my free time.
 I haven't been painting lately or even finish my old projects. 
She suggested that I just share what I have been working on right now.
So here I am sharing a bit of what I am doing 
and for the coming weeks I will keep on sharing more.

Aside from wedding coordinating I have been accepting commission work
 for wedding invitation designs as well for a couple of years already. 
I think my love for paper is evident on why I still keep on accepting invites designing.

With weddings I still get to exercise my creative side from coordinating, 
selecting flowers, wedding gown designs and specially the invitations. 

I would be more than willing to share my experiences about starting a wedding coordinating business of your own here for those who want to ask. 
You can just drop me a note.
(All pictures included here are invites designed by me)

How about you wanna share what's been keeping you busy?

-the weekend artist-