Mad Tea Party 2011 by The Weekend Artist

The blue lights are on...the blossoms are scattered around...

Pillows are placed here and there, and pearls glitter everywhere...

Oh the teapots and sweets! and homemade treats!

The doilies, velvet plush seats, lace curtains and tables are all set!

A deck of cards of all the guests!
The Mad host himself laid out the rest!
"Oh where, oh where are my guests?"

A bit lost?!... but on her way is Alice!

Painting roses along the way is the Queen of Hearts!

...and hopping on the way saying
 "I'm late, I'm late for the Mad Tea Party!" says the bunny.

All the guests arrived and oh what a sight!

Guests + Tea + Sweets = Oh what a treat!

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Thanks and Have a great Weekend!

-the weekend artist-

I dedicate this magical blog to two of my dear friends...

to my dear friend joanie, who until yesterday didn't know what an inspiration she is to me and how I so dearly want for her to succeed and follow her dreams... so cheers to you and I pray for this journey to italia.

and second to my besty, mary: happy birthday to a dear friend and cheers to love, art and a year of would be instead of could be. <3

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Tools for a Blogger

Im a self-confessed newbie blogger and within a short span of time I have immersed myself in tons of readables and links and can't seem to have enough time to read all the interesting stuff there is out there!

So here's a list of stuff I like, am using and will continue to use, refer or mention here on my site:

1.  http://www.picnik.com/
Editing your pics is so much easier. If your not familiar with photoshop or are just a teensy-bitsy wee tired to use it sometimes(ok I confess sometimes I am! as seen on my blog...boo to me!). It helps to have a tool like this plus it's free!!!

It's a collection of inspirational photos you can share/pin and re-pin. Still haven't used it though but I will very soon post some from here. So much cool pics all in one place!

It's a very cool site which bloggers can refer to since after all it is a bloggers guide book. I've seen this site way before the blogging bug hit me and found it quite interesting and they are just turning a year old! So much information in cool format...not at all boring. The sites gives such a summer-ish, vintage, DIY feel to me.
What's soooo cool is they give free listings too! 

 I don't know if you would appreciate what I have shared here but you would know how cool these tools are once you've used them. 

hanggang sa muli!
-the weekend artist- 


the weekend artist inspiration: travel #01

On my work desk rests 3 key landmarks/icons of different countries. These are the Statue of Liberty, London's iconic red telephone booth and the Eiffel tower. Among the three it is the Eiffel tower which I haven't seen or I mean I haven't landed my foot upon the soil of the country which it is known for.  I realized this while watching the movie Julie and Julia on TV over the weekend. So I ended up sketching the Eiffel tower while watching. Oh how I long to see it! They say it's the most romantic place in the world. Can't forget having tea and french macaroons in Bizu with my dear friend joanie(aka artist-chef) and her telling me how she loved her picnic by the eiffel tower and how I do wish I was there to spend the day with her.

So I did finally end up using my new sketch set. I just sketched on whim. just left all the light spaces and penciled in all the shadows. I did enjoy doing this while watching Julie cook her way through Julia child's book.
I loved how Julie described her cooking as a travel which changed her life and she did it through a blog! And how her husband supported her all the way. In a way it's like my life right now...except I enjoy my dayjob way more than her.
I've seen the movie before but it has more impact to me now that I am keeping a blog =)

So going back to my sketch I ended up doing hatching and painting via PS and adding the words "A Bientot Paris!". After doing this sketch I miss my sisters more because when we were little at night we would be imagining we were sleeping in different countries of the world(and France is one of them) not knowing that it will really come true in the future.

-the weekend artist-

julie & julia photo fr: www.imdb.com



What have I been up to the past few days!?! I've been sick and still am feeling a bit under the weather. Though am much psyched with the coming weekend!(visit my old posts to know more). Been preparing for it, so I got my art supplies out. Just used markers and pencils for sketches. Did some doodling and digital painting when am not feeling too lousy or sneezy. Was able to squeeze in some materials sourcing and planning when I was already up and about.

Also took out my new fab art supplies find from Saizen! It's a japanese store selling knickknacks. I got the set for only US$2.00 quite cheap I might say. The set includes a kneaded eraser, 4b pencil for sketching, charcoal stick and a paper pencil. Though for my next project I didn't get to use it that much. I still am to produce an artwork from this set worth posting.

So why am I excited about my next project? You have to wait and see!! Here's a glimpse of the doodles I made for this project. Quite amateur but that's what made it much fun!

So many clues! Hope you will all visit on the 25th!

-the weekend artist-


the weekend artist big idea #2: Mad Tea Party moodboard

Just joined my first ever virtual party as a blogger.This is my next big idea just seeing what Vanessa has done over at her blog has made me oh so excited. Head on over to afancifultwist.typepad.com she is hosting the Mad Tea Party! Being a newbie I really don't know where to start.Seeing all the previous parties was quite overwhelming... I don't even know if I can manage to come up with something half as good =(. So while browsing the net for some inspiration(been down sick lately so been bumming around the house). I found some pics to inspire me...but wait... it kind of reminds me of something. The red roses, the red carpet, the sword parade, the velvet details, the lights, the candelabras, the desserts and opulent chairs! It reminded me of my wedding day not too long ago(did I ever mention I was married? and still am!) So I opened all my wedding files and lo behold I was able to put together an inspiration moodboard.

Here's a pic I found on the net:

and here's my own moodboard from my wedding

If you wanna see what I'll be posting hop on over on the 25th and visit A Fanciful Twist and the rest of the blogs who joined for a whole day of Mad partying!

I leave you with a kiss...au revoir!
-the weekend artist-


the weekend artist big idea #1: Staring into the Sky

The Weekend Artist Big Idea #1: Staring into the Sky

This is a Mosaic piece which I did ages ago. I used tiles , stones and paint. It was quite a feat since the items I used were quite hard to handle. Painting, glueing and even smashing the tiles was time consuming as well as hard handling because you can get cuts from the pieces.

I was inspired by three things doing this art piece: 1-a wall rug hanging from my room when I was little which I also love staring into. 2- van gogh's starry night painting and 3-the little prince book.

It wasn't actually me who had the BIG IDEA but my mom who decided rather than letting my artwork just sit there turn it into a coffeetable(the artpiece is quite heavy btw).
It now sits in our living room area. So it's actually a conversation piece when people come over. We usually place candles on top of it. So thanks mom for that Big Idea!

Ya me despido!
-the weekend artist-


the weekend artist series #1-01 The Purple Balloon

Here's the final painting which I edited digitally since it didn't turn out as I hope it would. It's an inspiration piece since the subject is my nephew who is celebrating his 4th birthday this month. I haven't seen him for a long-time since my sister and her family lives in Los Angeles. I miss him terribly.  I was quite frustrated with the outcome because I think he is way cuter in person. 


Some exciting news I signed up for a project which I'll post some details on soon(check out my twitter page to know more).


the weekend artist series #1-01 progression 1/2

Finished the weekend artist series #1-01 painting in watercolor. I still call this progression 1/2 since I still want to do additional tweaking via Photoshop. I consider this as a quite crude effort at watercolor =b. I still need more practice to return to my old style(I mean working faster and creating smoother strokes) mixed in with my new style which I am still trying to figure out what exactly.

For this first watercolor post I used multiple colors to make it more whimsical(because of the subject). I also ended up revising my initial thumbnail sketch in the painting process.

*note:This is not an instructional process. I merely am sharing my painting process and in no way am a I saying Im an expert on this.

I used Montval Torchon by Canson paper in 270 g. 9 1/4" x 12 1/2" for this painting. Its paper is grainy with "snowy" surface. I bought it at a local bookstore a long-time ago so I forgot how much it costs.

I wasn't able to take a picture of the brushes I used but I used 3 brush sizes for this. A size 0, size 2 sable Nakamura tokyo brushes and size 6 Prang brush for the washes(the one that comes with the pans).
I used my ever reliable Prang Watercolor. I have been using Prang since I started painting from the and am planning to try a new more expensive brand for my more special paintings(still haven't bought one though still trying to convince my wallet it's really worth it!) 
I did not stretch or tone the paper I used before painting.. though I did set out preparing the materials. Well I thought the paper was hard enough to absorb the watercolor. I was wrong it did a bit of warping. So I guess if you plan to use the same paper you should stretch or tone the paper first. I still have enough of this paper for 8-10 paintings so I plan to stretce them all.

Stretching and toning is important to ensure that the paper stays flat when you are painting.

I bought this book AN INTRODUCTION TO WATERCOLOUR which also explains the whole stretching and toning process.
It costs around US$2.50 quite a cheap find for me. Its sold at our local bookstore(National Bookstore).

I'll run through the stretching and toning process a bit...
You need the ff for stretching:
sponge(I use make-up sponge but the bigger sponges are better)
gum strip(I bought mine from National Bookstore)
plywood or chip board(I use old plywoods but am planning to buy a big fibreboard/clipboard from Saizen the japanese store which costs around US 2.00 or less)

1. Prepare the gum strips. Wet your sheet thoroughly with cold water to allow fibres to expand.
2. Make sure whole sheet is uniformly damp using your moist sponge. Once the paper is damp , moisten your gum strips lightly.
3. With wetted gum strip paper mount your paper on your drawing board/plywood with the gum strips on all 4 sides.
4. Let the paper dry and speed it up by using a hair dryer(I am quite impatient so I almost always use a hairdryer)

for toning paper:
you do the same process except you use diluted acrylic paint(with color of your choice) and instead of sponge use a thick wash brush

I actually didn't do a comprehensive sketch for this one I merely painted by whim. I did do another step though that I want to share. I almost always do a draft of where I want to place the elements of my painting on tracing paper. It helps me plan where I want to place the elements of my painting and move it around my canvass. Once I have finalized it I trace it on the back and retrace it on the canvass where I want to place the element. I sometimes even use multiple tracing papers to achieve my desired composition.
This technique can also be used by people who are not very confident with their sketching skills to get their proportions right by merely tracing an image they took from a photo or elsewhere.

I still think doing a comprehensive sketch is the best technique.

The next step which I skipped for this painting is making a gradient test of your mixed colors/washes. I usually do a gradiation of washes on the same paper which i refer to during the painting process. But since I used multiple colors I skipped this one.
This is the halfway finished painting. I replaced some of the stars with papercranes to give a more whimsical approach.

Another technique I use during painting is not going through the usual route of building with the palest wash then going darker. I usually start with the darkest then go back to the palest. I almost always leave the palest part blank(paper color). So for this painting I started with the eyes.
The eyes I think is the most important when painting faces. If you get the eyes right it almost always looks realistic and looks like the person so I put all my best efforts for the eyes.

That wraps up the whole process. Am still thinking of tweaking the cheeks a bit though coz I want him plumper to show a younger age. I might use a watercolor varnish to protect the painting before I send it out.

-the weekend artist-


the weekend artist series #1-01 work in progress

I finally got started on something worth posting though only 1/3 done or even less. It's the 1st of the weekend series #1 with the theme inspirations in my life. I'll go into details when I am done with the painting about the subject of my first painting and also the process I went through including materials used.

This is my worktable...a bit crowded specially if Im using my laptop. Was still doing some paper painting for my nephews when I took this picture. Also on top of the table is my new book.

Its Art by Robert Cunning. I like it because it's an art history book but very compact and easy to carry anywhere specially when traveling. I can just read snippets from certain timelines and be easily inspired. 
 I think I picked it about 3 times on 3 different trips before buying it. I bought it from a local bookstore(National Bookstore in Robinsons Galleria). It only costs around US $18.00.
I leave you with a painting by Alphonse Mucha, Czech painter/designer who settled in Paris. I love his style and might just do a whole post about his works in the future.

-the weekend artist-


What is 'the weekend artist' all about?

Hello artworld! This is a personal art blog which I started to help me search and find my personal artistic stamp in this world. my current work though in the related field has in a way hindered me from doing what I initially loved to do which is paint, sketch and do crafts project. I'll aim to post at least 1 project done weekly or bi-monthly if it's a bigger project.

I'll be posting by categories as well...
1. the weekend artist series- I plan to post artworks pieces inspired in series with a big umbrella theme.
2. the weekend artist big idea- a one-shot artwork which may or may not evolve to a series
3. the weekend artist crafty case- craft ideas or projects that solves or answers a certain dilemma(in my own personal craft world)
4. the weekend artist daily inspiration- may also be weekly or whenever I please...these cover postings of other artists works, daily photographic inspiration, people i look up to, gadgets or whatever under the sun that inspires me.

hope this blog will at least inspire 1 person to eventually pursue their artistic inclinations to a higher level like I am aiming to push myself to do.---the artist

before i go to sleep i leave you with this tipsy sunset photo of me on the waikiki beach. this photo certainly inpires me to pursue my love for the arts wherever it leads me. 

my sweet escape

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” (something borrowed from my sister’s blog)”
Mark Twain