the weekend artist big idea #3: sketchbook and planner DIY

I realized that my grubby hands(when working) 
has been doing damage on my sketchbook and planner(particularly my 'it will be' pair)
and noticed that my newest sketchbook acquisition is of the same cover material.
So I decided to do a little 'protective DIY' on my sketchbooks.

How to add a protective layer to your papercovered notebooks:

1. apply a thin layer of glue on the covers(the thicker the shinier it will get).
I used the clear glue but Elmer's glue(white) will also do.

2. let it air dry 

3. you can opt to apply a thin layer of clear varnish on top to make it last longer.
I used to like using the colored varnish which makes it look a bit vintage
but i didn't use any varnish this time because I wanted it to stay matte finish

-the weekend artist-