the weekend artist inspiration #2 Sketchbooks: The Fashion Sketchpad

Im in love with paper! I may say I'm addicted to it
and I have mentioned this over and over again here.
My love is visible in my collection of sketchbooks and diaries/planners.
When I am working on a new project I'm always excited to start on a new notebook.
I specially love the feel of the paper and the crispness of it. 
I go through a lot of sketchbooks and planners in a year. 
It feels nostalgic when I browse through old pages. 
So you could imagine my excitement when over the weekend I found this 
'Fashion Sketchpad' for half the price($18.95 US) and 
double the size of  'Fashionary'(which is still on my wishlist).
I found it on display at NBS Rockwell. 

 Like 'Fashionary' it has an illustrated garment encyclopedia.
A recommended reading section is also included. 

 It's not that clear here but all pages contains different figure templates 
which make it easier for me to sketch.
Plus the templates disappear when scanned or photocopied! 
Am so excited to use this on another future project 
so help me cross my fingers that it will push through! 
That's it for now! 

-the weekend artist-