The Weekend Artist Series #2-01 Web of Dreams

I've been wanting to do a digital artwork to replace my profile pic as well as do another version for my blog banner. I did this freehand straight from PS. This is a result of some layer erasing, paint effects and a bit of color tweaking. I still have to practice a lot with doing freehand digital painting.

I call this Web of Dreams because I wanted to show her(the subject is me) in a sort of dreamy state with all her dreams entangled in her hair. But again it didn't turn out the way I wanted it. Well, life's like that and sometimes you do have to cope because things don't turn out the way you planned it. I used the colors that fit my mood currently and maybe psychologically as well... coz I wanted to wear my rose-colored top out today(which I did for a night out!)

Started with a rough sketch via PS.

Colored it in.

I added layers to give it a 3d effect. 

I love changing my blog banner to fit what I feel I the moment or show what current state I am or what I am doing. So this will go up on the banner sometime soon.

On a different note, I want to thank all those who stopped by for my previous post and left their comments. 
I really feel overwhelmed with all the visits. I still have an overdue Blog Giveaway coming up related to my previous post. I just might post it in a day or 2. The winners I will announce next weekend to match my moms birthday celebration.

Again thanks to everybody from the Mad Tea Party and specially to Ms. Vanessa of  
http://afancifultwist.typepad.com/ it did wonders for me...thank you for welcoming us to your enchanting world!

have a happy weekend! 
-the weekend artist-