the weekend artist crafty case #01 A Recipe Scrapbook

I have a friend who is so dear to me and who is about to go on a life-changing trip of her life!
I made a promise to her before that I will visit her soon. We were planning my trip before she leaves in September. And to my great dismay I will not be able to visit here due to my hectic sched at work. I have an upcoming business trip outside the country, a show to organize and a shoot all in 3 weeks span of time. So I need to make it up to her with a SUPER! going-away present. I decided to make her a 'Recipe Scrapbook'.
Did I mention that she is a great chef and an artist? So this is what my scrapbook will be about a compilation of her 2011 recipe photos and recipes. I'll add more pages for her to fill-up in for the months ahead. 

I'm almost 1/2 done with the number of pages but halfway done on all the pages since I need to put-in all the DIY elements. For the Cover I placed her logo plus added a pull-out picture(see the ribbon) with her picture on it.
For this page I inserted an index card on top which pulls-out to show the recipe. Needs more work with titles and additional detailing on the page. I love the vibrant photo on the background.
On this page I added a twine inserted to the paper and used the photo of the recipe as a pocket for the recipe card itself. I added a cute mini clothespin to pull-out the recipe.
I added the index card for the recipe like a keychain on the page itself and inserted it to the envelope. Did I mention that am using envelopes as the pages so all pages can actually hold more surprise items inside.
I added bugs and floral scraparts which are all from my scrapbooking goodie box...some are so old I forgot I even have them.
This is the last page I was able to take a picture of before my camera battery died down. I forgot my charger in my office table so I wasn't able to take photos of 2 more pages I started on. I used the photo as the pocket to pull-out the recipe from. I added a leaf on this page to match the recipe photo but I wasn't able to take anymore photos.

Well, so far that's what I have on my table this week. I'll be very busy but need to get this done and sent asap before she leaves so that she can carry this with her and fill it up on her trip.
I'll update the rest of the pages soon and won't upload the altogether finished outcome until it reaches her.

Enjoy the rest of the week!
-the weekend artist-