the weekend artist inspiration #8 Art Appreciation

Stepping inside an art museum is one of my most fave things. Actually any museum gets me feeling giddy inside. I think my love for things old and new (goes to show why it's hard for me to throw things away) and the history that comes with it is hard to resist. 

On a sunny winter day my sister and I dressed in our short dresses and knits to keep us warm went out for a day at The Boston Museum of Fine Arts.
It was hard not to smile and get all excited when I browsed the list of what's in-store(I'll post my fave artworks in my next entry).

A blurred version of me. =)
My little sister appreciating a work of art.

 Students sketching the modern tower art piece.

The highlight of the trip was seeing Degas in the Nude works
(here is another version of a blurred me again.)

Thanks to my sister for a wonderful and memorable day. 
We finally did it(the whole art app day with the outfit)! I miss you dearly!

Goodbye for now Boston!