the weekend artist inspiration #5: my blogging hiatus

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I've been on a blogging hiatus for almost a month! So my day job kept me away for the whole time. I was busy with Fashion Week since we mount a big show almost every year. From selecting models, selecting clothes, meetings w directors, stylists, etc. To mentoring and assigning tasks to designers and assistants. And aside from that I needed to go to Hongkong to source for the next season and meet up with suppliers. We also had to visit China for a short buying trip(the picture from my hotel bedroom is the one above) and cross back to HK on the way back.

I had to go home by myself so I can make it on-time for a mtg the next day. My flight was postponed TWICE! So I had to stay in the airport for more than 6 hours doing nothing!

I ended up buying another journal and a photography book to pass the time!
Oh did I mention that I finally got a DSLR camera!

So that's what kept me away from blogging. Clearly my work demands so much time from me but I just can't say I don't love what I'm doing even the stressful part I have come to love!
It is one of my greatest inspiration and source of happiness as well... to do what i'm doing and to sharing what I know to others.

-the weekend artist-
Am back!


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nice...missed your blog :)