the weekend artist series #3-01 Fashion Design : Chiffon Dress


I love weddings and have been planning some for close friends and families 
together with my friends for a few years now. 
I do cry almost always and actually tonight am attending one again. 
Every year I search and buy how many dresses for these occassions 
and being a designer am quite frustrated. 
So I have decided I will be designing my dresses once again 
since I have been complacent for the past few years 
on making designs for myself but focusing on work requirements 
and requests from family and friends.

I made this design for an afternoon or garden wedding. 
I made the lining shorter and the fabric will be chiffon.
I haven't sourced it yet but I generally want it 
with patterns of birds or flora but generally monochromatic with hints of color. 
I want it to look fresh and breezy. I actually don't know what weddings or occassions 
I'll be attending soon but am sure I'll find an occassion for this.
I used colored pencils and pens for the outlines. 

p.s. This is my first sketch on my fashion sketchbook from my previous posts.


the weekend artist inspiration #4 Planner Collection

My love for paper extends to planners, diarys and what-nots! 
This vintage one with craft paper is from my sister whose friend found it in a thrift shop abroad.
I actually haven't written anything yet in it because of it's sentimental value.
Plus am saving it for a special scrapbook of sorts in the future.

These two I bought at a christmas bazaar a few years back 
when I was still in love with colorful stuffs(I actually still am but keep it now at a minimum).
These both are korean journals.

This one was from one of my designers from work he got it on his trip to korea.
I actually did the DIY thingy I explained on a previous post where 
I used glue and varnish to add a protective coating to the cover since it's white.

Well, that's it all my unused planners as of the moment. 
I do also collect Starbucks diary which I use for work 
and have a Moleskine which I currently use now for everyday.
I also keep one as a diary scrapbook which I think is too personal to share here.
Though not really related to art(unlike my scrapbooks and sketchbook posts). 

These planners do serve it's purpose in my life. 
A balancing act between my designing day job, my weekend artist blog, 
my social calendar and my errands.
My calendar is going to be full soon so I hope I do get posts in soon! 
Fashion week is here so I'm gonna be busy. 
Plus it's my birthday tomorrow! 
I've got tons up my sleeves...plans for a big trip next year, an out-of-the-country work trip, 
and school related stuff! am so excited!

gotta go!
-the weekend artist-


the weekend artist big idea #3: sketchbook and planner DIY

I realized that my grubby hands(when working) 
has been doing damage on my sketchbook and planner(particularly my 'it will be' pair)
and noticed that my newest sketchbook acquisition is of the same cover material.
So I decided to do a little 'protective DIY' on my sketchbooks.

How to add a protective layer to your papercovered notebooks:

1. apply a thin layer of glue on the covers(the thicker the shinier it will get).
I used the clear glue but Elmer's glue(white) will also do.

2. let it air dry 

3. you can opt to apply a thin layer of clear varnish on top to make it last longer.
I used to like using the colored varnish which makes it look a bit vintage
but i didn't use any varnish this time because I wanted it to stay matte finish

-the weekend artist-