The Weekend Artist Series #3-02: Wedding DIYs

Oh how I love doing DIYs specially when I had my wedding!
Even the ones we coordinate we try to put in some DIY 
or personal touch into making it feel more special.

Here are my fave DIYs because they are all from my wedding!
For the 1st Photo above we used some of our favorite paintings 
by Masters as the table numbers. 
It symbolizes both our passion for the arts 
and where we met which is while studying Fine Arts in a University.

This is a packaging I made for the entourage Save-the Dates. 
It's made of craft envelopes which i tied with twines and beads. 
I printed out labels with the logo 'The Secret Garden Party' 
which I found on the internet and added the 'keys' logo with our initials on it.

Here is my DIY project Save-The-Date for our wedding entourage. 
It's a mini corkboard which you can hang on your desk. 
I made different versions of this for the entourage
and mini versions for the rest of the guests I often see 
while others got cards in the mail. 
The ones who live really far got an e-invite version of this.

Here are the menu cards DIY.
One side contains images which we also used for our actual invites.

Last but not the least I designed the gowns for my wedding.
I'll probably just save that for another post. =)

But before I say have a great weekend 
I wanna leave you with a last photo 
from my cousin's wedding in Hawaii.
This photo just shows you a glimpse of the back design.
It looks really great specially because my aunt made it for her.
I'm specially proud of this eventhough I didn't design it 
because I helped source all the materials with my aunt. 
She brought all the sourced materials back to the US.
It's a special family DIY you can say!

P.S. I was also the one who designed the invite for this wedding.
See the photo of the invite here(white invite)

Have a great weekend!
-the weekend artist-


The Weekend Artist Series #3-01: Two Weddings and a Fashion Show

Reception Venue: Philippine Army Officers Club is all set!
A wedding reception I helped organize for a couple close to my heart.

For 3 months I stayed away from writing about my creative projects and my life. I finally found my need to write again.

What kept me away for three months?

1. Work happened...it was Fashion Week season last October. My job eats so much of my time specially with all the details we wanted to put into our SS13 show.

2. I accepted new projects for wedding coordinating for special friends and of course together with my dear friends/partners.

3. FAMILY. My sister from LA and my nephew arrived for a 3 week vacation!
Plus our grandmother got sick. She has been in and out of the hospital for the past 2 months. It has been hard seeing my mom and her siblings worry about her.

I had to really prioritize all things. Now that everything has settled into a somewhat semi-normal lull that is my life, I have this need again to try to express myself artistically. This blog has somewhat been instrumental for me to pursue again my love for traditional art and well at least practice or rather somewhat discipline me to share on any creative insights I have.

Not bothering to go through the long route of explaining everything that happened I will just be sharing more of what I'm doing with the Two Weddings and maybe slip in some Fashion Show tidbits(or not). Here are some more photos from previous weddings I have organized with my dear friends. Hope I won't bore you with sharing these creative treats from all my organizing events =)

Have a great day ahead!

Registration Pads all adorned with graphics specially made for the bride and groom.
I simply did a re-layout for the registration to tie-in with all the elements.
Scented Vials for Guests and Drinks from Singapore
were treats given out during one of the weddings we organized.
(My dear friend/partner did the Vials packaging for the couple)
-photos courtesy of the bride and groom-
Moodboard I helped pick for one of the weddings I am currently organizing.
(Photos from Pinterest)

-the weekend artist-