the weekend artist inspiration #3 Sketchbooks Collection

As I have shared in my previous blogpost Im in love with sketchbooks
and planners so I'm sharing here some of my faves from my collection.
This is my 'it will be' sketchbook it also comes with a planner of the same size.
I use it for my art projects and mini-doodles and sketches.
It's been with me for 3 years already but only started using it this year.
I bought it at LCX harbour city in HK.

I use this Berkeley sketchpad for sketches I transfer on another paper/canvass etc.
I've had it for almost a year already.

This sketchbook is still blank and it's been with me for a year already.
I bought it as a replacement for a sketchbook which my nephew
ended up bringing with him to the US.
I made a couple of sketches on it for him so he asked me for it.
The replacement sketchbook I bought is wuite big in size
I'm keeping it for preliminary sketches for bigger canvass artworks.
I bought it at NBS I can't remember the price.

 This is my Montval sketchpad which I use for my watercolor creations.
I've featured this before here in my first few posts.

Last but not the least is my 'Sketchbook Project' sketchpad 
which you can see in previous posts.

I think it's important that you like the materials you work with.
Whether recycled or new. It keeps me excited and makes me not waste the paper
I'm working on thinking it's just one page of the whole pad.
I'll post my planners next time!

-the weekend artist-


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can't wait for the sketchbook project