the weekend artist inspiration #10 Saying Goodbye

I say goodbye to Boston with a heavy heart... I'll miss Boston because it showed me a different view of America. Life there was simpler(though I think more expensive compared to other states). It's like a retreat from the modern and busy lifestyle I was so used to in Manila.

(Photos above and from the last 2 previous post were all taken from my visit to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts)

photo from pinterest

As you read this I'm already back to my busy life in Manila... I say goodbye one last time to my Boston experience and the lessons it has taught me...goodbye for now!

-the weekend artist-


the weekend artist inspiration #9 Museum Eye Candy

I start off with a painting I adore specially the play of colors.
If I remember right this is a Renoir!

My visit to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts opened a lot of new insights for me on
how my taste for certain paintings have evolved through the years.

Another painting which I love specially the stroke/style of painting with colors.

Another piece in a similar style which I think came as a series.

Last but not the least one of my favorites again from a series.

I guess this shows my gravitation towards colors and a certain painting style.
Though nowadays I am also drawn to subdued and saturated style of painting.
It might be a reflection of my current state of mind or as they say 'Art imitates Life'.

I tend to be so serious lately it kind of feels so dramatic.
A better...happier post maybe next time.

goodbye for now...from my boston files
-the weekend artist-