the weekend artist fave art materials

1. Scout Books

I love paper and notebooks am always on the lookout for new stuff when I go out.
 I got my first Scout Book(sketchbook) through the 'Sketchbook Project'. 
It's been with me for sometime now(though I still haven't uploaded progress 
on my book yet...soon!) I didn't notice the branding until the other week. 
I actually was salivating on a set a few months back and was deciding 
if I would buy a set or not. It's a practical size and easy to carry 
plus the paper feels good. They have tons of options for covers.
Though this comes on 2nd to my top fave brand Moleskine!

2. Le Franc and Bourgeois Watercolor Varnish

I was actually on the look-out for a protective mask or spray for my watercolor artworks when I found the Le Franc and Bourgeois Watercolor Varnish. I used it as a finishing touch for my paintings.
It provides a protective layer. I only spread it thinly so that it won't get shiny.

So there so far are my current fave new art material finds. Am always on the scout for more and will post them soon!