What is 'the weekend artist' all about?

Hello artworld! This is a personal art blog which I started to help me search and find my personal artistic stamp in this world. my current work though in the related field has in a way hindered me from doing what I initially loved to do which is paint, sketch and do crafts project. I'll aim to post at least 1 project done weekly or bi-monthly if it's a bigger project.

I'll be posting by categories as well...
1. the weekend artist series- I plan to post artworks pieces inspired in series with a big umbrella theme.
2. the weekend artist big idea- a one-shot artwork which may or may not evolve to a series
3. the weekend artist crafty case- craft ideas or projects that solves or answers a certain dilemma(in my own personal craft world)
4. the weekend artist daily inspiration- may also be weekly or whenever I please...these cover postings of other artists works, daily photographic inspiration, people i look up to, gadgets or whatever under the sun that inspires me.

hope this blog will at least inspire 1 person to eventually pursue their artistic inclinations to a higher level like I am aiming to push myself to do.---the artist

before i go to sleep i leave you with this tipsy sunset photo of me on the waikiki beach. this photo certainly inpires me to pursue my love for the arts wherever it leads me.