the weekend artist series #1-01 work in progress

I finally got started on something worth posting though only 1/3 done or even less. It's the 1st of the weekend series #1 with the theme inspirations in my life. I'll go into details when I am done with the painting about the subject of my first painting and also the process I went through including materials used.

This is my worktable...a bit crowded specially if Im using my laptop. Was still doing some paper painting for my nephews when I took this picture. Also on top of the table is my new book.

Its Art by Robert Cunning. I like it because it's an art history book but very compact and easy to carry anywhere specially when traveling. I can just read snippets from certain timelines and be easily inspired. 
 I think I picked it about 3 times on 3 different trips before buying it. I bought it from a local bookstore(National Bookstore in Robinsons Galleria). It only costs around US $18.00.
I leave you with a painting by Alphonse Mucha, Czech painter/designer who settled in Paris. I love his style and might just do a whole post about his works in the future.

-the weekend artist-