the weekend artist big idea #1: Staring into the Sky

The Weekend Artist Big Idea #1: Staring into the Sky

This is a Mosaic piece which I did ages ago. I used tiles , stones and paint. It was quite a feat since the items I used were quite hard to handle. Painting, glueing and even smashing the tiles was time consuming as well as hard handling because you can get cuts from the pieces.

I was inspired by three things doing this art piece: 1-a wall rug hanging from my room when I was little which I also love staring into. 2- van gogh's starry night painting and 3-the little prince book.

It wasn't actually me who had the BIG IDEA but my mom who decided rather than letting my artwork just sit there turn it into a coffeetable(the artpiece is quite heavy btw).
It now sits in our living room area. So it's actually a conversation piece when people come over. We usually place candles on top of it. So thanks mom for that Big Idea!

Ya me despido!
-the weekend artist-


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what a lovely idea to turn an artwork into a coffeetable!

Maya said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I miss that coffee table. I used to play lots of Scrabble games on that one.

Great blog so far! Looking forward to your many inspirational posts :)