What have I been up to the past few days!?! I've been sick and still am feeling a bit under the weather. Though am much psyched with the coming weekend!(visit my old posts to know more). Been preparing for it, so I got my art supplies out. Just used markers and pencils for sketches. Did some doodling and digital painting when am not feeling too lousy or sneezy. Was able to squeeze in some materials sourcing and planning when I was already up and about.

Also took out my new fab art supplies find from Saizen! It's a japanese store selling knickknacks. I got the set for only US$2.00 quite cheap I might say. The set includes a kneaded eraser, 4b pencil for sketching, charcoal stick and a paper pencil. Though for my next project I didn't get to use it that much. I still am to produce an artwork from this set worth posting.

So why am I excited about my next project? You have to wait and see!! Here's a glimpse of the doodles I made for this project. Quite amateur but that's what made it much fun!

So many clues! Hope you will all visit on the 25th!

-the weekend artist-