Tools for a Blogger

Im a self-confessed newbie blogger and within a short span of time I have immersed myself in tons of readables and links and can't seem to have enough time to read all the interesting stuff there is out there!

So here's a list of stuff I like, am using and will continue to use, refer or mention here on my site:

1.  http://www.picnik.com/
Editing your pics is so much easier. If your not familiar with photoshop or are just a teensy-bitsy wee tired to use it sometimes(ok I confess sometimes I am! as seen on my blog...boo to me!). It helps to have a tool like this plus it's free!!!

It's a collection of inspirational photos you can share/pin and re-pin. Still haven't used it though but I will very soon post some from here. So much cool pics all in one place!

It's a very cool site which bloggers can refer to since after all it is a bloggers guide book. I've seen this site way before the blogging bug hit me and found it quite interesting and they are just turning a year old! So much information in cool format...not at all boring. The sites gives such a summer-ish, vintage, DIY feel to me.
What's soooo cool is they give free listings too! 

 I don't know if you would appreciate what I have shared here but you would know how cool these tools are once you've used them. 

hanggang sa muli!
-the weekend artist-