the weekend artist inspiration #11: A short trip through Hongkong

As you read this I have already arrived in Manila for more than a month already. Passing by the City of Angels on my way back!(more on that one on my next posts). A lot has happened since...been to Hongkong and back.

A trip to hongkong is never complete without a visit to Shamshuipo. A shopping mecca for craft and fashion lovers like me. I always feel inspired just browsing thru the stores.
I've been hoarding art and crafts materials from every visit. Buttons, tassels, paper materials, vintage stickers, swatches of fabrics, and all other what-nots.

Visiting Hongkong has always been inspiring. Their appreciation for fashion and arts is seen everywhere. Whenever I go visit my love for photography has always been revived.
I have always drooled over Lomography whenever I am there. 
I saw this cute store along granville and I really wanna go back on my next trip and probably finally buy a special Diana edition I have been pinning away for! (*sigh*) 

It's going to be a long and inspiring weekend...have a great one!

-the weekend artist-