the sketchbook project: Winter Inspired Pages WIP

Here's another WIP from my Sketchbook Project.
It is a self-portrait inspired by winter. I am also using it for my blog banner(see banner for the digitally enhanced WIP version).
Again I started with a rough sketch. 
I would normally recommend for you to make your sketch as detailed as possible 
so you can render it more properly.
Anyway, as you can see with my previous work posts I am more of a go with the flow artist!

I painted the face first which some would normally leave last.

Here's a pic of the WIP. 
I am not exactly happy with it and hopefully I'll still have time to revise it before submitting. 
I have a long way to go though =(.

have a great weekend!
-the weekend artist-


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nice colors! would love to see more of your work