the weekend artist inspiration #9 Museum Eye Candy

I start off with a painting I adore specially the play of colors.
If I remember right this is a Renoir!

My visit to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts opened a lot of new insights for me on
how my taste for certain paintings have evolved through the years.

Another painting which I love specially the stroke/style of painting with colors.

Another piece in a similar style which I think came as a series.

Last but not the least one of my favorites again from a series.

I guess this shows my gravitation towards colors and a certain painting style.
Though nowadays I am also drawn to subdued and saturated style of painting.
It might be a reflection of my current state of mind or as they say 'Art imitates Life'.

I tend to be so serious lately it kind of feels so dramatic.
A better...happier post maybe next time.

goodbye for now...from my boston files
-the weekend artist-