Art and Around Hongkong

I visited HK around less than a month ago and was excited to see from outside 
K11 mall window the interior of what looks like an art workshop space. 
The crafty person inside me was too excited to pass up the opportunity not to check-out what it was.

The place is called ART AROUND.

Unfortunately it was closed at the time I went there but I still decided to look around.
(sorry for the blurred photos)

This photo shows their Porcelain and Clay session rates. 
For a 2 hours porcelain workshop 
for 1 person is HKD300.00, 2-3 persons it's HKD270.00 
and it gets cheaper as your group gets bigger.

Groups of any size are welcome for birthdays, parties, etc.

Here are some porcelain creations on display.

I also found a baby themed one online its so cute not to share...

I am scheduled to visit HK again by the end of the month 
and hopefully this time I can get to see place better and maybe join in a session of 2 hours.

If you are ever in HK do visit Art Around at K11 Mall in Hanoi Road, Tsimshatsui, Hongkong.

p.s. I was not paid to post this. =)

have a great week ahead!
-the weekend artist-


Where have all my weekends gone?

Staying away for 1 year and 8 months from this was something I felt I had to do.
I always had excuses why I should keep it and why I shouldn't.
Right now it felt like this was the right time to post again.
This is the window to my life and I feel bolder
maybe in a calmer and more quiet way.

Where have all my weekends gone?
The past year and 8 months have been a roller-coaster ride.
I was blessed to be able to travel to places and be with my family.
It was a moment for us to be together, to laugh, to smile and to heal.

Los Angeles was my first stop. 

It will always be special to me because 
it feels like home away from home.

My mom moved to LA to be with my sisters
(back and forth between there and Boston)
I visited them two months after she left Manila.

There I was able to visit the Getty Museum 
and immerse myself in art and culture of their country.
My sister who is a 'native' there actually enjoyed it.

New York was a different experience altogether!
The city feels alive! Breakfast was something to look forward to.
Bagels, coffee, waffles... with my whole family was priceless.
I would love to go back there and fully be immersed in the city!
I was suppose to visit Parsons and meet up with 
our aunt-godmother but unfortunately she was out-of-town.

and then there is Boston...
It feels great to be back to the place where my youngest sister resides.
I love Boston because I really feel like I am in another country(duh!).
My sister moved to a new house so it was fun seeing them build and decorate their new nest.
It was my first snow experience as well. 
I was planning on making snow angels, castles, and snow mans.
But after a night of shoveling I had to give up my idea altogether.

I know I didn't post anything related to art.
I just had to share what the peaks of my weekends were for the past year or so.
I consider myself lucky to be able to spend my days with my family.

I said at the start of this post that I visited my family in the US because it was a time for us to 'heal'.
Our dear dad my dear dad passed away 1 year and 2 months ago.
I dedicate this post to him as way for me to show that I am ok.
We will all be ok.
I know he is in a happier place and he will always be cherished 
and remembered by all os us he left behind.

So here I am looking forward to more reasons 
to celebrate weekends with families, friends and art.

Happy week to all!

-the weekend artist-


The Weekend Artist Series #3-02: Wedding DIYs

Oh how I love doing DIYs specially when I had my wedding!
Even the ones we coordinate we try to put in some DIY 
or personal touch into making it feel more special.

Here are my fave DIYs because they are all from my wedding!
For the 1st Photo above we used some of our favorite paintings 
by Masters as the table numbers. 
It symbolizes both our passion for the arts 
and where we met which is while studying Fine Arts in a University.

This is a packaging I made for the entourage Save-the Dates. 
It's made of craft envelopes which i tied with twines and beads. 
I printed out labels with the logo 'The Secret Garden Party' 
which I found on the internet and added the 'keys' logo with our initials on it.

Here is my DIY project Save-The-Date for our wedding entourage. 
It's a mini corkboard which you can hang on your desk. 
I made different versions of this for the entourage
and mini versions for the rest of the guests I often see 
while others got cards in the mail. 
The ones who live really far got an e-invite version of this.

Here are the menu cards DIY.
One side contains images which we also used for our actual invites.

Last but not the least I designed the gowns for my wedding.
I'll probably just save that for another post. =)

But before I say have a great weekend 
I wanna leave you with a last photo 
from my cousin's wedding in Hawaii.
This photo just shows you a glimpse of the back design.
It looks really great specially because my aunt made it for her.
I'm specially proud of this eventhough I didn't design it 
because I helped source all the materials with my aunt. 
She brought all the sourced materials back to the US.
It's a special family DIY you can say!

P.S. I was also the one who designed the invite for this wedding.
See the photo of the invite here(white invite)

Have a great weekend!
-the weekend artist-